Sudoku's Personal Trainer v. 2.3

They say that if one tries just one time to play Sudoku, then he falls in love with it.
Are you interested in this entertainment too? Would you like to learn some new hint? Would you wish to have in hand a good teacher, who, when you are in difficulties, could give you a little aid or a full enlightening suggestion to go on?
If you answer yes, here you find the opportunity to freely get your Sudokuís Personal Trainer.

Internet offers a lot of chances for playing Sudoku with your PC, more or less sophisticated and with different ways. What Iím offering here consists in a free program, you have to download so that you can play disconnected.


- for easy, middle, difficult, and diabolic Schemes (from newspapers, internet Ö)
- instant Solvability control
- difficulty level identification
- game suspension, saving, and reloading
- wrong moves blockage
- trials-and-errors (transient and independent environment)
- automatic Candidates counting
- selective views of Candidates (no, all, only if, instance, net, exclusion)
- 16 prioritable Methods or Techniques
- step-by-step suggestions: why, what, where
- help file including both operating and theoretical instructions

To know more:
More Information and Download (Upd. 03/2011)

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