Here is the solution for those hung up on “puzzlemania”.
You have only to download from here, and free use the file (vers.4.0, about 0.4MB), that contains the program, its help and a few sample images.
The file must be simply un-zipped in a folder of your PC (for instance C:\Puzzle).

It works with the most common types of images used in the Windows environment (i.e. bmp, jpg, gif) and of any dimension. Anyway the program automatically adapts the image dimensions, if too large, in order to show on the screen, side by side with equal size, both the original picture and the grid for its rebuilding. The player can, when he likes, enlarge or reduce the size of the grid area and the program will resize oppositely the image to maintain both on the screen.


The user can decide on two matters:
- in how many pieces to break up the image: he chooses the Rows number and the Columns number;
- the type of movement to give the pieces: translation only (shifting without rotation), same plus possible rotation, and even plus possible upsetting, and (the most difficult) using transparency for upset pieces. The program will choose randomly for each piece one of the possible options.

It is possible to interrupt a game and resume it later.

NOTE - The program has been developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and requires that in C:\Windows\Systems\ (or at least in the program folder) the file PICCLP32.ocx exists. In case you miss it you can download it from various websites (write PICCLP32.ocx in a Search Engine).

Enjoy it!

© Copyright Giorgio Altichieri - 5/2007. All rights reserved.

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