Are you interested in learning English words as playing a game? Aren't you, really?
From your language to English and vice versa, at a secondary school level? And learning both writing and pronounce? If your answer is yes then this program will help you.

The Items (words and small sentences) to study may be gathered in 20 Lessons. A starting (Italian-English) sample-file is supplied with the program, but anyone can build its own, adding, canceling and modifying what he wants, using the program provided functions or, even, the text editor he likes (complying with the established fields lengths).
It is typical, if you attend any English classes, to have a word list to rote learning at the end of each lesson. Well, you can copy those words to the program, and it will help you to learn them in a less boring way than the one you are used to do. Each people in your family can have his own structured file.

As shown here, there are menus and buttons that allow: to Open/Save your file, to consult the Tests History for each file (the Score and the matter of each Test lap), to View the file Items for learning their orthography, and listening their pronounce, to Edit and update your Items.
Then, for the Test time: some useful Options (which Lessons and what Items sequence), and whether from Your Language->English or English->Your Language attempt.

Let us have a quick look at the "Italian to English Test window". On the top right corner you see the Score you gained till then, starting from the initial 1000 points. The score increases with Reward and goes down with Penalties.

The program works in this way. It presents an Item, asks for its translation, and starts the counting seconds. As you write the answer, the word appears black colored until right, but red at the first error, becoming black again when you correct it. When the answer is fulfilled the program gives you the Prize and puts forward a new word to solve.
As the Test Rules say, if you exceed the "Target Time", the Score decrease, with a beep sound each second, and, if the current answer is wrong (red color) an Assistance button appears; it can suggest how to correct errors but you will pay a Penalty.

As shown, you can choose which Lesson/Lessons use for a Test lap and an Items sequence among: random, forward, backward, and critical (i.e. Items gone out of time during previous Tests).
You can change the Options when you like, returning to the starting page, and making different choices.
The result of each Test lap is saved in the file History.

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Download instruction

If this program holds your interest, you can freely download the file (about 300 KB) and un-zip it in a folder of yours (i.e. C:\English).
The zip includes the EWStudy.exe program, the ItaSample.eng file and two companion wav files (both must be kept in the program folder).


Usage conditions

Have a good, amusing study!
Copyright Giorgio Altichieri - 12/2008. All rights reserved.

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