The ENIGMA V.8 program may help when creating new Crossword puzzles or solving those found on newspapers and specialized magazines. Its most significant function is the ability to complete a Grid segment (across or down) using the letters already existing; to do that ENIGMA uses its own Dictionaries.
The program is delivered with three Dictionaries but the user may increase the available words adding his own lists.

For instance, for the 38-Across here shown, the program may suggest both simple answers like: DESKTOP, POSITED, VISITED, VISITOR, and sophisticated: BISUTUN, LESOTHO, OSSETIA, ROSETTA, ROSETTE.
The ENIGMA program gets its suggestions fron a basic English vocabulary with more than 45,000 entries, a rough encyclopaedia about 15,000 items dealing with history, geography, animals, plants, medicine, and arts, and a small customer dictionary with few items (about: world currency names, some literary terms, newspaper/magazine heads) as a plain text file that can be increased or used as a model for other additional user Dictionaries.

Another sample. For 5-Down the program does not find any suitable answer, but it can discover, for instance, that, trimming the last two Cells, three words are suitable: RAINCOAT, SAILBOAT, and (from the encyclopaedia) also GALLABAT.
Conversely, trimming the first three Cells there are:
All Suggestions are listed in a listbox side by side the Crossword Grid, and the user can easily transfer the one he chooses to the corresponding Grid area.
Obviously the program provides function for modifying, cancelling, and undoing-redoing of the last changes on the Grid.

Other functions:
- Thesaurus: this function is useful to solve existing Crosswords. The ENIGMA program uses the Thesaurus of Microsoft Word that must be activated from the Tools menu (it must be installed, obviously). The program lists the existing synonyms and antonyms of the word specified by the user.
- Spelling: this function requires that Microsoft Word should be activated too. The program asks Word to control the spelling of the user typed word. When wrong, a list of some possible correct alternatives appears.
- Anagrams: this function is not related to Crosswords but can be useful for that sort of puzzles. The ENIGMA program uses its own nr.1 Dictionary only.
- Convert to Microsoft Word document: both the Crossword Grid and a proof of the Clues. The related ENICONV program uses Microsoft Word Thesaurus looking for synonyms and/or antonyms of each pattern of letters and produces a normal *.doc file, that the user can correct, complete, improve and print.

To know more:
Program Instruction with two step-by-step samples
Sample of conversion of an ENIGMA *.eni file into a MS WORD document

Download instruction

If this programs hold your interest, you can freely download the (about 2.25 MB) and the (about 0.09 MB).

Un-zip the first file in a folder of yours: it includes a Setup.exe standard procedure, the ENIGMAV8.exe program, its ENIGDLL.dll and the standard Dictionaries (base.diz, encic.diz , various.dic). Run the Setup, choosing a preferred application folder (i.e. C:\EnigmaV8) and take care to not replace current versions of any System function (ocx, dll ).
The second zip file includes just the ENICONV8.exe program: un-zip it and conveniently copy it in the same application folder (i.e. C:\EnigmaV8).



Microsoft Windows XT, or up. If you use Microsoft Windows Vista you have to start the programs with Administrator permissions (right-click a program icon and select this option).

Both programs have been developed with Microsoft Visual Basic 5.0 and its standard controls. In case you miss any of those, you can download it from various websites (write its name in a Search Engine).

When you have any doubt, use F1 to access the full Help on Internet.


Usage conditions

The programs can be freely used for personal not-commercial purposes, providing that every copyright and author information is integrally maintained.

Have fun!

Copyright Giorgio Altichieri - 5/2004, 10/2009. All rights reserved.

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