My MyDizOff program can help you every time you need to translate texts without an available connection to the Internet. In fact, two Dictionaries are downloaded with the program into your PC disks and directly used from there.
   MyDizOff is a simple ad easy program, designed to use the Dictionaries available at the site, in their original native format.
   The downloadable package includes (with the author's permission) the Italian-English (more than 35.000 word translations) and English-Italian (over 250.000 translations) Dictionaries already.
   From that site you can download many other interesting language Dictionaries and thematics, that can be used with the MyDizOff program as well.

Main Features

  • ability to change the current dictionary at any time;
  • history list of queries and ability to recall any query from that list;
  • separate list of items having the 'same root' of the queried text (number of letters: user defined);
  • separate list of items containing anywhere the whole text of the query;
  • ability to fire searches from the above lists, even maintaining their current content, so allowing you to test and explore, here and there, more items among the extracted ones;
  • possibility to ask for the alphabetic list of items, both full and of a specific letter.

Download and Usage Instructions

   If the MyDizOff program holds your interest, you can freely download the file (less than 4 MB) and un-zip it in any folder of your disks.
   The zip file includes:
- the program MyDizOff.exe file (less than 100 KB),
- its MDIZCDLL.dll partner dll (less than 200 KB),
- two Dictionaries: italiano_inglese.txt and inglese_italiano.txt (mainly responsible for the zip file dimension),
- a short instructions.txt file.

   The program has been tested on Microsoft Windows XP and Windows Vista, but it should work on earlier or later environments as well.
   For some Windows systems no installation process is required, because it is sufficient to keep the program and its dll in the same folder; on other systems it might be necessary to register the associate dll, that can be done following the zip included simple 'instructions'.
   The attached Dictionaries, or any other you can download from site may reside in any location of the disc of yours.
   The MyDizOff program includes a short help and few usage tips.

   Usage Conditions: The program can be freely used for personal and office purposes, providing that you do not sell it and integrally maintain every copyright and author information. As for the Dictionary files, take care of their author rules that are reported in the program 'Information' menu.

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