Calculator with virtual paper roll V.2.0

Even if this is mainly a hobbies site I am offering here a tool that might increase your personal productivity for home and office work.
Using it you might save some time to spend on more amusing things, including other games and entertainments put in my site.

On Internet you can find a lot of sites offering calculators, even very sophisticated. But the one I am offering here has the following features:

  • it is free,
  • it can be used on line or downloaded to your PC to work unconnected,
  • it joins its keyboard with a “virtual paper roll” to record all data and operations you make (an important feature to work surely and avoid mistakes).

    1 - current operation
    2 - current result
    3 - next operation
    4 - sign change
    5 - decimal point
    6 - cancel last digit
    7 - clear current calculus
    8 - clear calculus and paper roll
    9 - clear memory
    10- add or subtract to memory
    11- memory recall
    12- current memory value
    13- rolling tape showing operations and results
    14- decimal digit number (with rounding)

    The Calk'n'Roll can be downloaded from here.
    The file, when un-zipped, shows the CalknRoll20.hta program and the CalknRoll.ico icon that must be kept in the same folder.

    Last enhancements:
    - the application works in browser independent mode and shows its specific icon on the Application bar;
    - accepts '+ - * /' numeric pad keys, if available, like the '+ - x :' Calculator buttons;
    - accepts the keyboard Enter key like the '=' Calculator button;
    - accepts the keyboard Canc/Del key like the 'C' Calculator button.

    Have a fine work!

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